Dutch Design Week 2024 
“Any port in a storm”

“Hammered” square artwork (big), together with works of Lenny Stöpp, Plasticiet, Julian Spanbroek and Mik Bakker

“Any port in a storm”, Dutch Design Week 2023, Backyard-S/Woensel district, curated by Lenny Stöpp and Sunhyo Mast Eindhoven

“Adorned with a meticulously crafted shovel, the Rotterdam Connection excavated a channel leading to Eindhoven and unearthed the streets of Woensel West, to construct a brand new port in Backyard-S. This autumn they sailed the waves head-on and made their first voyage through the newly forged passage to Eindhoven where they delivered a copious shipment of contemporary goods.”

Despite a studio based in Maastricht, Studio Kloumi joined the Rotterdam Connection during Design Week to present a selection of works of art and furniture pieces. The works presented include the Hammered squares series, the Banded Iron bench (black version) and black Banded Iron artwork, the Archipelago coffee table and artwork and a selection of fossil knobs (black and gold).

Banded Iron bench (black version), 2023
steel, black powder coating

Archipelago coffee table, 2023
steel, black powder coating

Archipelago artwork, 2023
steel, black powder coating

Black Banded Iron artwork, 2023
steel, black powder coating

Hammered squares, 2023
hammered stainless steel