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_“Metal Memory” cast table, 2023
_Fossil knobs, 2023-2024
_“Bauxite” coffee table, 2022


This coffee table is one of two pieces constituting the "Metal Memory" mini-collection (in collaboration with Dutch Invertuals). The surface of the table is made of recycled cast aluminum, into which, during casting, pieces of brass, copper and stainless steel have been inserted: bolts, aged coins or vintage piping pieces, these “leftovers” are placed in the mold and remain frozen there forever. Their insertion into aluminum, which does not have the same melting temperature, "disturbs" the process and reacts violently with the material. Thus, the surface keeps traces of these reactions, showcasing lines and craters resulting from the mixture of these materials, as well as the traces of these fossilized “elements”.

By giving these metal residues a new life, and showing them in a precious, even rare, aspect, this table invites us to contemplate the details, as well as to rethink our uses of materials.

Metal Memory cast table (2023)
cast aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass and stainless steel inlays
> Milan Design Week 2023 “Object for a new kind of society”

Bauxite coffee table, part of “Ora” project (2022)
cast aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass and stainless steel inlays
> Object Rotterdam 2023

Fossil knobs (2023-24)
steel, coloured zinc coating
> Object Rotterdam 2024

Fossil artwork (2023)
stainless steel
> Object Rotterdam 2023

Fossils, traces of ancient living beings found in minerals, are the inspiration for this collection of door knobs: drawn freehand with welding, they celebrate the diversity of rare specimens and the joy felt when they are discovered.

{ Available in Antracite, Black or Gold colours. Each drawing is unique. Sizes and price on request. }