Object Rotterdam 2024

Object Rotterdam 2024
collective exhibition with textile designer Amy Lewis 

For this second participation at Object Rotterdam, the studio's collections are mixed with textile works by the half-Japanese half-English designer Amy Lewis (based in Eindhoven). The hardness of the metal clashes with the softness of the textile; the bright colors and woven patterns confront the cold surface of the metal, as well as its embossed or unruly textures (hammered, welded...) A particular approach to the material and a unique touch left by the craftsman and his tools are what unites the two artists for this duo exhibition.

The different artworks presented include the Archipelago series (Archipelago table, Archipelago artwork), the Metal Memory cast table, the Hammered squares series and a selection of Fossil knobs (black or gold).  

Archipelago artwork, 2023
steel, black coloured zinc plating     +
x3 Black fossil knobs (small), 2023
steel, black coloured zinc plating

Archipelago table, 2023 
steel, black coloured zinc plating   +

“Metal Memory” cast table, 2023
cast aluminum, stainless steel, brass and copper inlays