Milan Design Week 2023
“Objects for a new kind of society - The way we work”
collaboration with Dutch Invertuals

Metal MemoryHammered coffee table, 2023
hammered stainless steel

“Today’s working environments are in a constant state of flux. The ways in which we work are evolving through new applications and emerging technologies intended to boost our productivity and efficiency. At the same time, we are becoming ever-more alienated from the things we do. Instead of gaining time for ourselves, we are being pushed to achieve more with less.
Taking the working environment as a starting point, Dutch Invertuals explores possibilities for defining a new kind of society through design. Eight designers from the Invertuals network were invited to explore nature-driven morphologies to create objects that facilitate connectivity, creativity and wellness (as an antidote to cultures of productivity)”

Dutch Invertuals

These two metal tables, commissioned by Dutch Invertuals, constitute the "Metal Memory" mini-collection. They are the prototypes of the ongoing interior design project for the 5Tracks building (Breda).

Metal Memory” attempts to express, through a very tactile approach to the material, the need to find again a form of connection with the objects that surround our workplaces, such as tables. The multiple details of the textures of these tables, generated by techniques that leave a lot of room for randomness, are an invitation to conversation, or on the opposite, to contemplation, to "take the time"...

Metal Memorycast table, 2023
cast aluminum, stainless steel, brass and copper and stainless steel inserts