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_Hammered squares artwork series, 2023-2024
_“Metal Memory” hammered coffee table, 2023
_ “Malachite” hammered chest (Ora), 2022

“Metal Memory” hammered coffee table, 2023
Hammered stainless steel
> Milan Design Week 2023 “Objects for a new kind of society”, in collaboration with Dutch Invertuals

Commissioned by Dutch Invertuals (Eindhoven) as the prototype for the ongoing project of interior design of the 5Tracks building (Breda), this table was shown for the first time during Milan Design Week 2024. The exhibition “Objects for a new kind of society - The way we work”, by Dutch Invertuals and powered by 5Tracks, shows it within the mini collection “Metal Memory” showing metal texturing techniques and the creators’ touch.

Hammered square, 2022
Hammered stainless steel, 72x72cm

In a world where conformity often reigns, these meticulously hand-hammered artpieces are a testament to the beauty of embracing the untamed. Defying expectations with their organic shapes and unruly textures, the pieces showcase the artist’s laborious efforts in a harmonious balance of strength and sensitivity.
Despite the ruggedness of its surface, a surprising gentleness emanates from the artwork. Subtle details and the play of light caressing the metal’s contours reveal the artist's tender touch and dedication for the material.

The hand-hammering technique symbolizes passion and commitment, challenging our time defined by productivity and efficiency. Through a meticulous search for detail, the metal is hammered, deformed and textured by hand: this powerful act, difficult to control, gives each piece a unique pattern.

Hammered square, 2022-2023
Hammered stainless steel, 30x30cm

Although well known for its beautiful green patterns when polished and its uses as jewelry, Malachite is primarily a copper ore. In its natural form, this stone has an astonishing bubbly texture called ‘‘botryoidal’’, made of a multitude of round segments that clump together. To recreate this effect, sheets of metal were hammered by hand with a rounded hammer.
This Malachite chest is a reference to the world of preciousness and luxury for which malachite is often intended, as it is sometimes used to create refined jewelry boxes, elegant cabinets or luxurious interior designs.

Malachite Hammered chest, part of “Ora project, 2022
Hammered steel, green coloured zinc plating, stainless steel
> Object Rotterdam 2023